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The 60-page Bibliography of Christoph Stückelberger contains the list of of books and publications 1972-2016.

Christoph Stückelberger is committed to online publishing for free download and print copies for sale. Over 180 of his publications (books and mainly articles) can be downloaded for free from the online library. Enter in the search box “Stueckelberger”.

Latest articles

African Values-Driven Philantrophy With Innovative Impact – From Global Ethics to Local Action
2021, Toolkit for African Philanthropists, Volume Two, African Philantrophy Forum, pp. 46-65.

OikosInvest, Partner of FaithInvest
2021, Pragmatic Faith-Consistent Investing, FaithInvest Inaugural Member´s Conference, online, 8-9 June 2021.

Spirituality, Religion, Irreligion and Society today
2021, Dialogo Online Conference, 28 May 2021.

One World – Diverse Systems …
2021, Observatoire de la Finance, OF Discussion Board n°15 – 23 April 2021.

Leadership with Ethics and Integrity. The noble vocation of higher education ethics
2021, Leadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding, Leadership with Integrity No. 8, Geneva, 37-54.

Money and Morality in Higher Education. Seven countries case studies
2021, Leadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding, Leadership with Integrity No. 8, Geneva, 81-125.

You Shall not Lie: From Covid-19 Fake News to Truthfulness
2020, Who Cares About Ethics? Selected Essays from, Co-Publications & Other, 2020, 100-110.

Post-corona World: Balancing International Cooperation and National Sovereignty
2020, Journal of Law and Administration, 16 (2), 10-17.

Ethical Responses to Fake News and Conspiracies During and Post-Covid-19 Pandemic
2020, Vassiliadis, Petros/Demacopoulos, George (Eds.), The Church in a Period of Pandemic. Can the Present Pandemic Crisis Become a Meaningful Storm for Renewal in our Churches?, Thessaloniki: CEMES and Fordham Publications, Chapter 24, 122-126.

Covid-19 and the Ethical Responsibility of Universities
2020, University World News, The Global Window on Higher Education

Die goldene Regel ist jetzt wichtiger denn je
2020, Interview, reformiert. (English Version, WCC)

Religious Controversies in COVID-19. Restrictions, State, Science, Conspiracies: Four Topics with Theological-Ethical Responses
2020, The Virtual Conference on Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy and Religion about Issues Modern Man Faces – Dialogo-Conf 2020 VICSSR

Post-Corona World: Balancing International Cooperation and National Sovereignty
2020, Journal of Law and Administration, Theoretical Law Journal, No.2 (55) 2020, 10-17

African Values-Driven Philantrophy with Innovative Impact – From Global Ethics to Local Action
2020, African Philantrophy Forum, Toolkit for African Philanthropists, Volume Two, 46-65

Selected ppt presentations and articles published from 2017

The Triple R Investments RRR Relations, Risks, Responsibility
2017, 31 Oct, Zug, Switzerland,  International Conference of the Swiss Association for Impact Investment

Promoting Values-driven Leadership through the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education
2017, 3 Nov, Moscow, Russia, International Conference on Ethics in Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence Homo Deus God is God and  Man is Man
2017, 16-17 Nov, New Delhi, India, International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime

We all are Guests on Earth. Comparison of Confucian and Christian Entrepreneur’s Stewardship for the Earth
2017, 25-26 Nov, Beijing, China, International Conference on Confucian entrepreneurship at Peking University

Transparency and Accountability to Build Trust in the Public Sector Judiciary, Media, Education, Churches
2017, 5 Dec, Coimbra, Portugal, Training of Christian Lawyers’ Association from Brazil

Inclusive Education in the Cyber Society Cyber Ethics with Globalance
2017, 6-7 Dec, Geneva, Switzerland, International Conference on Inclusive Education

Ethical Innovation, Inner Transformation, Political Stabilisation
2017, 10-11 Oct, Timisoara, Rumania, International “Business Days 2017” for entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, Keynote Speech

How to Overcome Corruption? With Cases for Christian Entrepreneurs
2017, 16 Sept, Beijing, China, Kingdom Business College, Training

Values Create Value. Entrepreneurs’ Ethical Dilemmas and Solutions
2017, 15 Sept, Beijing, China, Minzu University of China, Academy of Religion, Lecture

Religious Believes and Ethics: a Global Comparative View
2017, 14 Sept, Beijing, China, Tsinghua University, School of Public Management, Schwarzman Lecture


Selected ppt presentations and articles published during 1999-2013

ppt/articles en français:choisis FR, ppt/Artikel in deutsch: wähle DE

Africa goes Online: The Global Library for Theology and Ecumenism
2013, Handbook of Theological Education in Africa, 1093-1100

Innovation Ethics: Value-Based Innovation
Workshop Innovation and Ethics, Cotonou/Benin
23-24 August 2013 Benin
Workshop Ethics in Research (Breeding of Plants) Legumplus, ETH Zurich, 21 June 2013 Elements for Responsible Leadership (Bangkok 2005/2013)
Responsible Leadership in Changing Pluralistic Societies. International Workshop, Bangkok/Thailand, 3 May 2013

Africa: Theological Online Library
Book chapter in Isabel Apawo Phiri and Dietrich Werner (eds.), Handbook of Theological Education in Africa, Regnum Books International, 12 March 2013

From AAA to EEE: The Triple E Strategy Ethics-Ecology-Economy
Economy Worldcsrday, Mumbay/India, 17-18 Feb 2013

Economic Ethics
Article in H. Anheier and M. Juergensmeyer (eds.), Encyclopedia of Global Studies, Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, pp. 450-55, 2012

How to set up a non-profit Organization? Do good – do it well
ECEC Team Meeting, Shenyang/China, 23 October 2012

Global Currency Ethics for a Sustainable Future
Global Sustainable Currency Summit, Xi’an/China,
26-27 September 2012

Ethics of Dialogue, Compromise, Negotiations
GEPP (Global Environmental Policy Programme) Executive Summer School, Geneva 2-14 Sept 2012

Trust In Politics By Values and Virtues
The Lutheran World Federation LWF, 2nd Symposium on the Theology of Work, Geneva/Switzerland, 3 May 2012

Global Energy Ethics for a Sustainable Future
Azerbaijan 2020: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Conference. Baku/Azerbaijan, 24-25 April 2012

Islamic and Christian Ethics in Economy and Ecology
International Conference on Contemporary Islamic Ethics: Key Issues, Concerns, Challenges, Yogyakarta/Indonesia, 15 March 2012

Towards a Sustainable Development Paradigm: The Values of Caring and Sharing in a New Global Economy, Summary in 10 Questions and Thesis
Towards a Strong Global Economic System. Revealing the Logic of Gratuitousness in the Market Economy. International Colloquium at Dharmaram College, Bangalore/India
25-29 October 2011

Preface_ching_feng_series_20序 (Chinese)

Media Ethics: Theories and Conceptions
Communication and Religion. WACC Seminar, Bossey/Switzerland, 1-14 August 2011

Ethical Criteria in Global Research Competition
Enhancing Life. Ethics in Science and Technology Conference, San José/Costa Rica, 2 May

Work Ethics: Values, Rights, Obligations
Interreligious Seminar on decent Work
Geneva, 27-29 April 2011

Building Trust by Ethical Values and Virtues: The Key to Long-term Success
Article in Effective Executive, Volume XIV, No 2, pp. 44-48
February 2011

No Interest From the Poor Calvin’s Economic and Banking Ethics不向穷人取利:加尔文的经济和银行业伦理(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2011, Vol. 86/Issue 1, 200-217

February 2011 Responsible to God: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Biotechnology and Bioethics for the Common Good
Presentation at Iran Bioethics Congress, Teheran, 5-7 February 2011

Responsible to God: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Biotechnology and Bioethics for the Common Good
Iran Bioethics Congress, Teheran, 5-7 February 2011

Who Does It First Whom Do We Sacrifice First — Ethical Aspects of Climate Justice谁人先丧命?首牺牲何人?(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2010, Vol. 82/Issue 1, 168-192

Climate Justice and Tax justice: Key for Global Ethics
Article in “Europe Covenanting for Justice”, The World Alliance of Reformed Churches, 2010

Global and Contextual Ethics: Explorations for the Future Journey
AACC Conference Center, Nairobi, 28 October 2010

Sufficiency Economy through Ethical Investments and Fair Taxes
World Public Forum, Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum 2010, Economic panel “ Can Capitalism Be Ethical and Sustainable”, Rhodes/Greece, 9 October 2010

Methods of (Ethics) Online Research Ethics of (Methods of) Online Research
Bossey Course, University of Geneva, 24 March 2010

Ethics of Images in Humanitarian Action
Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Action Humanitaire CERAH (Graduate Institute),
Geneva, 4 March 2010

Investment Ethics

Guidelines of John Calvin for a Global Ethical Economy
Satya Wacana Christian University UKSW, Indonesia
October 2009

Ethics and Science and Ethics as a Scientific Method
Satya Wacana Christian University UKSW, Indonesia
October 2009

Empowerment as Core Ethical Value
Satya Wacana Christian University UKSW, Indonesia
October 2009

Global Ethical Economy Challenges and Chances of the current economic crisis
Satya Wacana Christian University UKSW, Indonesia
October 2009

Global Values in Financial Ethics after the crisis
Observatoire de la Finance, Geneva, 22 October 2009

Climate Justice: Who dies first?
Satya Wacana Christian University UKSW, Indonesia,
6 October 2009

Social innovation in times of crisis or in difficult social conditions
GLOBAL ETHICS FORUM, The Palais des Nations, Geneva,
2-3 July

New Economic World Order(s) Impact of financial and economic crisis and proposals for positions of CLAI-CEC
CLAI-CEC, Argentina, 27-29 May 2009

Strategies for Sustainable Development and Global Justice in this time of crises

Conference EED/Bread for the World
 Berlin 27-29 April 2009

No Interest from the Poor Calvin’s Economic and Banking Ethics
Lecture Cycle, University of Basel Theological Faculty
Spring Semester 2009

Who dies first? Whom do we sacrifice first? Ethical Aspects of Climate Justice
Geneva 2009

Ecumenical Strategies of Change
Ecumenical Advocacy Assembly, 17-19 November 2008, Rome/Italy

Why and for Whom Should we Care? Environmental Ethics, Responsibility and Climate Justice
Conference “Ecological Ethics and Responsibility of Knowledge” Fudan University, Shanghai, 18-19 October 2008

Chances and Challenges of ICT for Religious Ethics, its networks and power structures
International Review of Information Ethics, Vol. 9 (08/2008), Religion and IT, p.47-52

Dialogue Ethics: Ethical Criteria and Conditions for a Successful Dialogue between Companies and Stakeholders
ISBEE Conference, Cape Town/South Africa, July 2008

In Defense of Creation: cry justice and invest in the poor
Keynote to the preparatory meeting of the European Delegates to the General Conference of the United Methodist Church Kiev, Ukraine, February 21-24, 2008

Why should we care? Ethical Foundation of the Responsibility of Producers and Consumers
International Conference, Beijing 26-27 October 2007

Straigt the Future – The Visionary Bishop K.H. Ting
Seeking Truth in Love在爱中寻求真理, 2006, p.294-298

EEE replaces AAA The Triple E Strategy: Ethics – Ecology – Economy
PEEA Workshop Nairobi, October 17, 2006

Straigten the Future — The Visionary Bishop Ting直面未来——有远象的丁光训主教(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2005, Vol. 64/Issue 3, 39-46

Churches and Ethical Investments
Seminar on Investing in Transparency, Soesterberg/NL Dec. 2005

Responsible Leadership: Christian Ethical Perspectives
Article in the Book on Responsible Leadership, Nairobi 2005

God’s Strategy for Life
Millenium Goals and Biblical Perspectives
ECLOF New Horizons June 2005

Doing Business with China
Conference, Shanghai 29 April 2005

Why the New Interest in Max Webers’s Calvinism and Capitalism in Asia?
International Calvin Symposium Geneva, November  2004
and Lecture in Nanjing/China April 2005

China Ethical Challenges for Church and Society in a Globalised World中国:在全球化的世界中教会和社会所面临的伦理挑战(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2004, Vol. 61/Issue 4, 4-17

Continue Fighting with Corruption继续与腐败作斗争——教会和发展机构的经验与任务(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2004, Vol. 59/Issue 2, 92-109

Le rôle de ‘La Loi et des Prophètes’ pour l’éthique chrétienne (Matthieu 5,17-20)“律法和先知的角色”和基督教伦理学(Chinese)
金陵神学志Nanjing Theological Review, 2003, Vol. 51/Issue 1, 97-107

Trade Ethics. Theological Basis
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Briefing paper, 2003

Ethical Methodologies. Orthodox and Protestant Approaches
WCC Seminar, Morges October 2003

China: Ethical Challenges for Church and Society in a Globalised World
Nanjing Theological Seminary China, 21 August 2003

Selective Globalisation and Global Trade Ethics
Lecture Duta Wacana Christian University,
Yogyakarta/Indonesia 9-14 February 2004

Continue Fighting Corruption. Experiences and Task of Churches, Aid Agencies and Mission Societies 1999-2002
Impulse series 2/03, January 2003, 70p.

Gender, Food Security and Trade
GOOD Conference in Kappel/Switzerland
September 2002

Fighting Corruption
An Urgent Task for Aid Agencies,
Missionary Societies and Churches

Fair Interest: Seven Criteria of Calvin the Reformer

Seminar at Eclof/Oikocredit
november 23rd 2000

Rural Development, Preservation of People’s Identity and Ecological Balance in the Era of Globalisation
march 9th 1999

Ten Ethical Criteria to Judge Corruption

Biodiversity: Seven theological and ethical reasons

From Globalisation to Oikolisation

Justice in Economy and Trade: Ten dimensions

Globalization – Christian Ethical Perspectives
University of Basel, Switzerland

Financial Markets at the Service of Development
Expectations and Proposals of Protestant Development Organizations regarding Banks and Governments
Aprodev Annual Meeting in Kappel/Switzerland
31 May – 2 June 1999