Conferences / Trainings

Christoph Stückelberger helds (keynote) speeches at over twenty conferences every year and on all continents. He also gives many trainings, mainly for leaders, in churches, governments, companies, NGO’s, universities, judiciary and media. Main topics of his speeches and trainings are linked to Responsible Leadership, Integrity, Overcoming Corruption, Climate Ethics/Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Finance Ethics, Cyber Ethics, Media Ethics.

Speaking Engagements of Christoph Stückelberger in international Conferences
2020 and 2021 (due to Covid mainly online, since March 2020)


  • 27-28 October, China in Afrika, Missionsakademie an der Universität Hamburg, in place Conference. Keynote on China-Africa Relations: Chance for Respectful Cooperation in Business, Faith and Environment
  • 8-9 June, FaithInvest Inaugural Member´s Conference, Online Conference
  • 21-29 May, International Virtual Conference on Spirituality, Religion, Irreligion, and Society today [IVC2021SRIS], Dialogo Conference, Rumania. Participation online
  • 17 May, GVA Business Club, Keynote “L´éthique des affaires: Comment décider lorsque l´on fait face à un dilemme éthique professionnel?
  • 13-15 May, ICGAI Conference on Governance of Artificial Intelligence, Prague
  • 24 April, India Conference, Keynote
  • 18 March, Horasis Global Online Conference on USA. Panel on Defeating Populism and Other Extremisms
  • 5 March, FaithInvest: Walk the Talk. Asia Focus. International online conference on values-driven investments
  • 26 February, Webinar on Ethics in Higher Education, Ghana
  • 19 February, BMA Conclave On Ethics, Bombay Management Association and Dr. K.S. Basu Memorial Trust, Online Conference
  • 4 February, Human Fraternity for Working Together to Achieve a Better Future, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Tolerance & Coexistence and International Human Fraternity Virtual Summit, Online Conference
  • 29 January, Academy Convocation, Online Event
  • 28 January, Are African Family Offices interested in Impact Investing? TBLI Foundation, Online Conference
  • 15 January, FaithInvest: Walk the Talk. Africa Focus. International online conference on values-driven investments


  • 17-18 December, Third international scientific – practical conference «Ways of transformation of state and corporate governance at the present stage», MGIMO University, Online Conference.
  • 2 December, 7th Asia Business Responsibility Summit, Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability, Online Event.
  • 29 November, Ethics for and in a balanced world postcovid, Sweden Sunday Sofa. Private TV channel.
  • 25-27 November, Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity. ICCC, and Pavan Duggal Associates, International Online Conference. 26th : Panel on Ethics in Cyberspace.
  • 23 November, Doing Theology during epochal shifts: fears and hopes, Eco-anxiety as a Theological Challenge, Toronto School of Theology, Online Event.
  • 19-20 November, TBLI Conference Asia 2020, Online Conference.
  • 3 November, Geneva Peace Week 2020 « Faith and Digital Governance », Geneva Peace Week, The Geneva Spiritual Appeal, GIL and, Online Event.
  • 30-31 October, Colloque International de Recherche et Action sur l’Intégrité Académique, IRAFPA, Physical and Online Conference.
  • 23 October, Africa Business Day, Swiss-African Business Circle, Online Event.
  • 15-16 October, MRI Online Symposium “Toward a New Paradigm of Economics”, Macau Ricci Institute and University of Saint Joseph, Online Event.
  • 14 October, Globalance, Balanced Values for a World Post-Covid, Leeds Beckett University, Online Event.
  • 5-8 October, Ethical Finance, Finance for Positive Change, Global Ethical Finance Initiative, UNDP and Scottish Government, Online Event.
  • 5 October, Schranner Institute, Zurich, UN Negotiations and Ethics.
  • 1-3 October, International Student Mobility and its Implications on Ethics, Department of English of Scott Christian College, India, Journal of Dharma (India) and India, International Online Conference.
  • 1 October, Horasis Extraordinary Meeting, Horasis The Global Visions Community, Online Event.
  • 28-30 September, Workshop on online theological education, Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) and the Oxford Centre for Religious and Public Life (OCRPL), Online Conference.
  • 23 September, Faith Driven Investor Conference. Webinar
  • 16-18 September, Cyber Ethics: The Connectivity of Values and their Contribution to Cybernetics, World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics WOSC, Online Conference.
  • 16-17 September, Systems approach and cybernetics; engaging for the future of mankind, World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics WOSC, International Online Conference.
  • 11 September, Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and role of faith leaders, Jamiyah Singapore, Online Conference.
  • 9 September, Virtual SDG Champions Conference, Financing SDG Implementation, SDG Cities, UNGSII, Online Conference.
  • 4-5 September, International Zoom-Meeting, Universal Values vs. Local/specific Values: Complementarities and Oppositions, International Association for Christian Social Teaching, Online event.
  • 29 August and 5 September, Values create Value, Drive your enterprise with (Christian) values, Geneva Agape Foundation, Online Training for enterpreneurs.
  • 20 August, Globalance – Ethics Handbook for a Balanced World Post-Covid, Book Launch and Webinar.
  • 19 August, From Tiktok Huawei Techno War to Balanced Sustainable Regulations, CSR Meetup Geneva, Online Conference.
  • 28 July, Reconnecting in faith with Creation, land and water, WCC, Online Conference.
  • 27-29 July, Theological Education by Extension via Online teaching and learning, OCRPL/GILD/BF in collaboration with ACTEA, NETACT, ABTEN, CAPA, APTEE, SATS, and others, Online Training.
  • 23 July, Public Sector Integrity in a time of crisis, MENA-OECD Working Group and OECD, Online Conference.
  • 21 July, «Role of Religious Leaderships in Face of Crises», Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ICESCO, Online Conference.
  • 5-6 July, Klostertag Theologie; Resignation, Hoffnung, Ratlosigkeit: «Komm, Schöpfer Geist», Kloster Kappel, Physical Conference.
  • 26 June, The Ethics of Balancing Health, Economy, Safety and Justice: Emerging Issues on Philippine Public Safety amidst Covid-19, Philippines, Online Conference for Criminologists.
  • 25 June, International Online Conference, Building New Bridges Together: Strengthening Ethics in Higher Education after COVID-19,, Online Conference.
  • 16 June, Emerging Issues on Philippine Public Safety Amidst COVID-19, Philippines, Online Conference.
  • 15-19 June, Global Leadership in the 21st Century, Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership, UNOG and World Academy of Art and Science, Online Conference.
  • 10 or 11 June, E-Learning and Training Workshop, Godfrey Okoye University Enugu, Online Conference.
  • 26 May, The International scientific-practical conference “Pandemic as a motor of transformation”, MGIMO University, Online Conference.
  • 19 May, Cyber Ethical Learnings From The Pandemic, Cyberlaw University and, Online Conference.
  • 15 May, Capacity Building and Training of teachers Programme in Vietnam, A joint project of Thuyloi University and Academy, Online Conference.
  • 12 May, Cyber ethical challenges of COVID-19, Online Conference.
  • 22 April, Ethics + The Church, webinar for pastors in
  • 17-18 April, AI-Infodemic, online conference of ITU.
  • 9 April, Greece Pandemic + Religion. Online Conference of Greek Orthodox Church and the University in Thessaloniki
  • 2 April, Paul Debinski, Debts with Corona.
  • 28-31 March, Horasis Global Meeting, Innovating Decisive Leadership through Times of Disruption, Horasis: The Global Visions Community, Physical Conference.
  • 14 February, Theological Education by Extension via Online teaching and learning, OCRPL/GILD/BF, Online Course.
  • 30-31 January, ITU Roundtable, Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons, Physical Conference.
  • 15 January, Swiss Digital Initiative meets “Genève Internationale”, Swiss Digital Initiative and Université de Geneve, Physical Conference.
  • 14-15 January, Ethics, New Technologies, and Africa, IWE-HSG Competence Center for African Research (CCAR) Launch Event, Scholarly Symposium, Physical Conference.
  • August 2019 – March 2020, Chinesisches Kompaktseminar in Theologie, Missionsakademie an der Universität Hamburg, Physical Conference.


Stückelberger among Top 100 Leaders in Education: President and Founder, Dr Christoph Stückelberger, received an award among the ‘Top 100 Leaders in Education’ at the Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) that took place in Dubai from 16-18 December 2019. GFEL, now in its 2nd year, strives to unveil groundbreaking innovations and to delve into the depths of knowledge sharing to build the future of imparting education. The conference featured over 50 speakers, composed of educators, CEOs and consultants from around the globe working in the domain of education.

Christoph Stückelberger was received by Mr. Michael Moller, Secretary-General of the United Nations Office Geneva UNOG
Michael Moller, Secretary-General of the United Nations Office Geneva UNOG, received Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of Geneva Agape Foundation GAF, on 7 December 2017 in his office. They discussed how ethics in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and how faith-driven investments can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

A few selected recent examples of trainings and conferences with Christoph Stückelberger as keynote speaker, trainer or moderator:


2017, 10-11 Oct, Timisoara, Rumania, International “Business Days 2017” for entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, Keynote Speech Ethical Innovation, Inner Transformation, Political Stabilisation

2017, 10 July, Netherlands, Stückelberger as Moderator of a Panel with nine National Anti-Corruption Commission Presidents and Vice-Presidents

Tagaytay, Manila/Philippines, International Conference of Philippines of 100 Criminologists, 19-21 May 2017, Keynote speech on Criminal Justice and Values

International University in Moscow/Russia, 20 April 2017, Keynote Speech on Global Challenges

University of Nigeria UNN, Enugu/Nigeria, Mandatory Postgraduate Teachers Training on Ethics for 30 deans and University leadership and over 400 professors/teaching staff. Trainer.

Amity Foundation, Nanjing/China, 12 December 2016, International Conference on Religions, Values, Ethics and Development, Speaker on Values and Ethics in Business.

International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity, New Delhi/India, 17-18 Nov 2016, Keynote Speaker with Pavan Duggal, Famous Cyber Law Expert and Organiser.

Geneva Agape Foundation, Shenyang/China, 26-27 Aug 2016, Staff Training

Liaoning Agape Foundation, Shenyang/China, 28 August 2016, Training of Volunteers

China Christian Council and Theological Seminary, Wuhan/China, training on diaconia and philanthropy for church leaders and entrepreneurs, Main trainer. All African Council of Churches/ Bread for all, Nairobi/Kenya, 2-4 March 2016, African Church Assets Programme Planning Workshop, Moderator.

Election Training of Protestant Women Leaders of Kongo in Kinshasa, DR Kongo, 26-28 August 2015, Key Trainer on Integrity, Mediation and Fair Elections.

Anticorruption Training for Public Officials, Tunis/Tunisia, 2015, 20-22 May 2015,, Key Trainer, on Values and Integrity.


Zayed University, Abu Dhabi/Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 Oct 2015 signing cooperation agreement with


Villanueva, Tabasco State/Mexico, 2015, 4 March 2014, Anticorruption Training on “Justicia y Etica” for 200 High Court Judges, main trainer.

EcoForum, Global annual Forum, Guiyang, July 2014. Panel on Environmentally Responsible Education and Leadership, co-organiser and panellist.