Creation-Art – Creating

Sculptures and Photography are my favourite creative hobbies balancing intellectual and management work, mainly done in the peaceful environment of the holiday home in France (Burgundy) in an old mill. “Creation-Art” as title summarizes the intention: Being just an instrument of the Creator to express the abundant beauty, playful diversity and simple joy of the creation. A few examples of my works:


A brochure on the Wuhan Window can be downloaded for free here

Window, 155x310cm, made of over 800 precious stones (agate) with lead, as the medieval church windows. Four elements soil, water, fire and air and in the white middle circle crystal agates, symbolizing the Cross and God’s Spirit. The “DNA of life” flows like a file of crystal larger agates from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven.

The window is donated to the new Church of the new Theological Seminary in Wuhan/China and was installed in 2020. The window is completed by a frame with the same precious stones made by artist Prof. Cui Wantian, my friend.

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Gratitude is
the foundation of ethics.
Leads to awe
Protects from avarice
Opens the heart to share
Fosters modesty
Reduces anxiety
Discovers uncomplicated solutions
Joie de vivre
Prolongs life
(as researchers have shown).
It is at the centre of the faith
that everything is
a gift – from the Giver of Life.

Political ethics

The most important aspect of political ethics:
God is not human.
no human being is God.
absolutism, dictatorship and theocracy
are blasphemy.
They give one human being absolute power.
Separation of powers, limitation of power,
accountability and responsibility
are pillars of good governance
and political ethics.

(Source: Christoph Stückelberger, Way-Markers II. 111 Reflections Exploring Ethics in Everyday Life, Geneva 2016.)