365 Way-Markers

How can I live out my values in everyday life? How can I resolve ethical dilemmas in the decisions I make? How can I bring my actions into line with my faith, even if only in part?

How can I express the wisdom of life in a short and succinct form? How can we encourage one another in what we do instead of giving up to resignation?

Such questions are the starting points for these short texts. They are intended as way-markers that offer a sense of direction and encouragement.

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Topic Text No.
(Introduction) Blessing 1
1 – Creation, Senses, Environment The Beauty of Age 13
Harmony 96
Wind concert 284
2 – Good and Evil, Virtue and Vice Doing nothing 19
Crooked Trails 21
Anger 127
3 – Life, Energy, Being Human Fountain of Youth I 58
Death As a Blessing 163
Henergie 319
4 – Poverty, Wealth, Justice Goodwill 45
Cars and Bananas 158
Dirty Hands 310
5 – Relationships, Love, Sexuality Trust 77
The Ideal Wife 138
Love Triangle 145
6 – Economis, Globalisation, Technology, Media Flight Capital 28
Surveillance 92
The Total World 171
7 – Politics, Globalisation, Law, Nationalism Kiss I: Ethics Law 42
Blessing Weapons 265
Parallel Worlds 324
8 – Spirituality, Faith, Knowledge Opium and Bread 32
Fasting From Words 120
Hotel Ashram 291
9 – Churches, Religions Amulets 26
Election 256
Those of Other Faith 320
(Outroduction) Gratitude 365