Recent/Upcoming Engagements in Speaking,Training, Teaching

  • 2017, Feb-April, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute/University MEPhI, Online Lectures and seminar on Climate Justice, Responsible Leadership, Integrity
  • 2017, 6-18 March, Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu/Nigeria, Block Seminars on Post-Cold War Developments and Ethics and on Political Behavior
  • 2017, 19 May, Tagaytay, Manila/Philippines, International Conference, Keynote speech on Criminal Justice and Values
  • 2017, 10 July, The Hague Netherlands, World Justice Forum V, International Conference Moderator of  Panel “The Role and Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Commissions”
  • 2017, 14 Sept, Beijing, China, Tsinghua University, School of Public Management, Schwarzman Lecture: Religious Believes and Ethics: a Global Comparative View 
  • 2017, 15 Sept, Beijing, China, Minzu University of China, Academy of Religion, Lecture Values Create Value. Entrepreneurs’ Ethical Dilemmas and Solutions
  • 2017, 16 Sept, Beijing, China, Kingdom Business College, Training How to Overcome Corruption? With Cases for Christian Entrepreneurs
  • 2017, 21-23 Sept, Nairobi/Kenya, Workshop on Church Asset Management of
  • 2017, 10-11 Oct, Timisoara, Rumania, International “Business Days 2017” for entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, Keynote Speech Ethical Innovation, Inner Transformation, Political Stabilisation


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