Globalance: Strategies of geo-political de-escalation

The escalation of conflicts is not a fate to be accepted. The ethics of Globalance requests to develop strategies of de-escalation: understanding the other is the first step – which means to be fair to others in recognizing their humanity.

Encounter through dialogue is one of the most important steps to counter prejudices, which are often built on missing experience.

Based on these fair perceptions, fair information is possible, opposite to hate speech and fake news.

Peace trade means to expand trade to people which otherwise are deprived from cooperation. It is a key element in peace building and conflict resolution.

Peace economy means to tame the economy where growth is too fast, not culturally embedded or too one-sided. Economic policies as well as investment strategies have always been reflected under the aspect of contributing to peace or conflicts.

The same is true for the financial sector, where fast insertion and fast extraction of capital in a country can be a short-term benefit, but can make the country vulnerable and result in conflicts.

Finally, peace politics must deal with avoiding military violent conflicts by peace diplomacy, alliances and all other means.

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