‘-Isms’ as threats to Globalance

Most of the worldviews ending with ‘-ism’ represent one-sided, ideological perspectives with a totalitarian tendency. An ideology is a worldview of ideas, values and beliefs, which is interpreting all aspects of reality in a way, which fits into one system and denies other parts of reality.

The core values of these ideologies are ethically speaking very positive, but they turn into a negative, unethical system by maximizing and absolutizing one value and thus contributing to polarization. They then become a threat to Globalance as a relational worldview.

These ‘-isms’ claim to give clear, simple solutions, security and order. But since they are exclusive and not inclusive and deny the existence or right of existence of opposing aspects, they in fact create conflicts, disorder and insecurity instead.

Read about those ‘-isms’ in my latest book “Globalance”: https://www.globethics.net/globalance

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