Creation, Cross and Holy Spirit

A glass window, done by Christoph Stückelberger in France and shipped to China. The window arch frame, to fit the church window, was complemented by Cui Wantian (Moses), artist and friend.

The Art Work shows the four elements (bottom up): Earth (soil) in brown, Water in blue, Fire in red, Air in grey.

They express the beauty and abundant diversity of creation. The circle in the centre includes the cross and the circle as expression of the Holy Spirit. They are made of white Cristal agate stones symbolizing purity and light. A line of Cristal stones like the DNA file of life flows from the very top to the very bottom and through the cross (of life) from very left to very right and back. The art work therefore expresses the Trinitarian God: God the Creator in the four elements, God the Liberator in the Cross of Jesus Christ and God the Transformer and Innovator in the Holy Spirit. The red horizontal and vertical lines in the window arch are the Chinese characters for “China” and include the cross. Together the work expresses the Christian God of wonderful Life, abundant Forgiving and Blessing and joyful Beauty. – Creation Art for God’s Glory.

The Work

Over 800 precious stones (Agate, a quartz mineral, from Brazil), cut in 2-4mm thin pieces, are composed, framed with lead, soldered to fix and put in iron frame and fixed with pins. Total 13 pieces. All hand-made. The technique is the same as in medieval large churches in Europe since over 1000 years. Innovative is the use of Agate precious stones instead of stained glasses. The work was done in the holiday home of the artist in Cuiseaux/France 2015-2017.

Final Destination: Wuhan City / China, Church of the New Zhongnan Theological Seminary

The China Christian Council CCC is the officially recognized and registered protestant church of China with a provincial Councils in the provinces. The provincial church (TSPM/CCs) of Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi province run since 1984 a theological seminary for the formation of pastors and deacons. A new campus of the Theological Seminary with lecture rooms, dormitories and apartments for students and a large church with 2000 seats was built 1995-2000 in the centre of Wuhan City, next door to famous public universities.

The artist transported the art window from his holiday home by car to Geneva, from where it was professionally packed for air transport to Wuhan. In September 2017, the artist with the church leadership, lecturers and cam-pus managers opened the window and the iron frame.

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