The Post-Pandemic World: The Globalance Response

The Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the world. Over 2.6 billion people around the world have been locked in their homes for weeks. Never seen in human history. 8 million infected, more than 440’000 dead, 1.25 billion people either out of work, on reduced salary or without unemployment insurance, mainly affecting tourism, hospitality, and manufacturing – this, all within four months of our last newsletter in February. People are asking: What will be the post-corona-world?We are asking: How can we strengthen our ethical values and thus contribute to a less polarized and more balanced world?

In the last GAF-newsletter I wrote about the Agape-Response. Now I continue with the Globalance Response. At hand, polarization between those in favor or against masks and vaccines, populist leaders who do not care for their people, and an accelerated trade war between US and China instead of needed cooperation that could spare human lives. Asian countries with a high level of discipline seem to have mastered the pandemic better than western countries with emphasis on freedom despite the pandemic or countries with chaotic governments.

But now, as the end of the first wave of the pandemic nears, the thirst for freedom and fairness has resurged in Asia – the hunger for community is back. This shows: in the post-pandemic world we need to better balance freedom and fairness, individual self-expression and collective discipline, caring for ourselves and caring for others and caring for our health and caring for the environment.

We need a global balance of values, between east and west, north and south, old and young, believers and non-believers. The pandemic teaches us: not America first or China or Uganda or Brazil first, but Humanity first. Because we all are first humans. This is the Globalance Response.

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