#BuildingNewBridgesTogether: Strengthening Ethics in Higher Education after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has an enormous impact on the higher education sector. Many challenges, and ethical questions, result from the current crisis: transitioning to online learning has created physical distance and exposed or widened the gaps concerning access to technology. New questions of quality assurance in teaching and assessment arise. New foci enter into the content and methodologies of teaching, research and learning. Institutions, students and teachers can play a leading role in creating new visions for changing society.

#BuildingNewBridgesTogether conference on the 25 June 2020, and its pre-conference 17-24 June 2020, provides a guiding image for us. It is essential to create ethical learning processes by facilitating international exchange and thus drawing from different contextual experiences and knowledge. This conference is the first step of a process that is designed to put participants into closer contact, share their problems, realities, needs and solutions in the different contexts and, together, begin to construct the future for ethics in higher education that we want.

With a focus on strengthening ethics in higher education, the event will be a unique sharing and learning experience built on four thematic tracks:

  • Track 1: Creating New Societal Visions in Higher Education: Values for Living Together
  • Track 2: Bridging the Gaps: Ethical Foundations of Online Teaching and Learning Pedagogies
  • Track 3: Online Education for a Sustainable Future: Quality and Ethical Standards in Higher Education
  • Track 4: Ethics and Skills for a Responsible Global Citizenship

Pre-conference: 17-24 June 2020

Participants are invited to engage in deeper and structured thematic conversation between higher education professionals. Throughout the pre-conference period, we will propose different online activities to discuss among your peers, share the challenges you are facing during this pandemic and view and discuss digital posters and virtual papers submitted by registered participants of the conference.

Conference: 25 June 2020, 15:00-18:00 (CET)

The conference programme will feature seasoned speakers from within the Globethics.net networks working in tandem with emerging educators, researchers and leaders, to present and facilitate the thematic tracks during the conference. The best digital posters and virtual papers will be presented during an award ceremony on 25 June 2020.

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